Desk with a laptop and desk behind it. On top of the image are the words "Free Up Your Time. I'll handle the writing."

You’re busy. You don’t have time to blog, write newsletters, or edit and proofread every post or brochure for your business.

Yet, you know that blogs, newsletters, and great writing attracts clients, builds great relationships with current ones, and helps you stay current in the marketplace.

What’s a busy person to do?

Hire a freelance writer, of course.

If you have ever wanted to:
  • add more hours to your day
  • increase your productivity without decreasing your available time
  • reach more clients and build great relationships with existing ones
  • clone yourself

You need a copywriter

who can reach your target audience, help you build relationships, and turn current clients into repeat customers.

You need a freelance writer.

While I can’t turn a 24-hour day into a 26-hour one, and I haven’t quite developed cloning technology yet, I can do better.

Leave the writing to me, and you’ll cut out some hours from your work day. Leave the writing to me, and I can give you great copy that sounds like you, portrays your business image and message clearly, and attracts new clients while building great relationships with current ones.

I specialize in:
  • blog posts,
  • email copywriting, and
  • newsletters.

I also write non-fiction eBooks, and I offer proofreading and editing services.

I write about:

  • parenting (especially out-of-the-box family life),
  • self-development, 
  • healthy living, and
  • Topics relevant to freelancers

though I pride myself in being a multi-niche writer who can adapt to most fields.

For an idea of what I can do for your business, please feel free to browse my portfolio or check out my services page.
For a custom quote for your project, please e-mail me anytime at mariana@dreamsintogoalswriting.com.