Cook Book Cover.png“Mariana is an excellent editor. She recently edited my just released cookbook and a magazine article for me and I was amazed at the difference she made in my work. Mariana’s suggestions for adding detail, catching grammar mistakes, getting rid of clunky areas and twisting my words into shape made my writing much stronger. I see clear improvement in my pieces and gained useful knowledge for improving my writing skills from her thoughtful suggestions. I feel very fortunate to have met Mariana and blessed that she took on my work.”

     Heidi Medina, author of The House Sitters Cookbook and blogger at Simply Sophisticated Cooking



“In July 2016, Mariana Abeid-McDougall agreed to edit a version of Three Weeks Less a Day already reviewed by other editors, prior to re-submission to the publisher.

She performed spectacularly. Working with a tight deadline, Mariana completed the assignment ahead of schedule and identified several previously missed errors. Mariana also made multiple recommendations to improve content, grammar and punctuation. But, perhaps most important, she challenged several assumptions that forced me to revisit and reconsider passages for better clarity and reading ease.

Like most writers, I considered all suggestions and accepted most – truly appreciating her efforts and her sincere goal of polishing my work. I can recommend Mariana to other writers who share a passion for excellence and careful attention to details.”

Gary D. McGugan, author of Three Weeks Less a Day and co-author of NEEDS Selling Solutions


“…When blogging became popular, I yearned to start my own blog, but didn’t have a clue where to start. I even tried starting my own blog, which failed because I had no idea what I was doing. Mariana helped me set up my own blog, whispersinthetrees.com, gave me the basic essentials on what I needed to know to blog and submit to publishers successfully, and mentored me through the first stumbling steps of writing for the public. Now, I’m a weekly columnist for The Good Men Project, and have had my writing picked up by Divorced Moms. I’m now writing articles for three major magazines, and an article for an online site, all of which pay. Mariana has a way of simplifying and succinctly laying out what’s necessary to be a successful writer and blogger, and has extensive knowledge of where to turn to expand your musings into refined, paid work. Thanks so much Mariana for giving me an outlet for my talent, and helping me get published within a month of starting down this path!”

Tessa G., author of whispersinthetrees.com, columnist for The Good Men Project, and published author on several online publications.