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Blog posts and magazine articles should inform, entertain, and create a connection with the reader. Here are some examples of my writing in the health and fitness, parenting, relationships, disabilities, and self-development niches. Click on the images to see samples in each niche. You can also use the top navigation bar on this page if you prefer.

Freelance writer samples: Health, Fitness, and Nutrition: Blog Posts & Magazines. Photo of a bicycle leaning against a bench.

Grief Blog Posts and Magazine ArticlesDisabilities & Chronic Illness Blog Posts and Magazine Articles. Photo of a woman in a sports wheelchair. Photo by Audi Nissen on Unsplash

Freelance Writer Samples: Marriage, Dating, & Relationships: Blog posts and magazine articles. Photo of a couple looking out on a lake.

Freelance Writer Samples: Blog Posts and magazine articles: Self-Development

Freelance Writer Samples: Parenting: Blog Posts and Magazine Articles

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